Transparent Investing: The Course

The Companion Interactive Online Course to the Bestselling Book

Transparent Investing: The Course pulls back the curtain and gives you a look from inside the investment industry.

Interactive, humorous, and packed with simple, data-proven strategies, Patrick Geddes builds on the concepts shared in his bestselling book,

Transparent Investing, and offers participants the investment knowledge that most benefits them—not the people selling them financial advice or products.


All net proceeds from sale of the course will be donated to support financial education at the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America

I’m Patrick and I’m obsessed with telling investors the truth.

And the truth is that there isn’t a secret formula to “beat the market.” But that’s not exactly a popular message with investment advisors. That’s because they make more money when you believe you can outsmart the system.

I created Transparent Investing: The Course to help investors or potential investors at all wealth levels demystify investing to make it less intimidating, learn how the investment game is played, maximize long-term wealth, and learn how to interact with the investment industry in a constructive way.

All net proceeds from sale of the course will be donated to support financial education at the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America

This isn’t your average
investing course...

Less quick tips and more mind shifts

Transparent Investing: The Course shines a light on how you can be your own worst enemy (ouch)—and how to avoid getting taken for a ride by an industry that too often looks out for itself first and you second.

Loaded with practical information, interactive modules and a healthy dose of sarcasm, the course delves into behavioral biases, investing basics and delivers honest, candid, and personalized expertise on whether you are better off managing your own portfolio or hiring an advisor. It also shows you how to build a simple yet strong portfolio to match your own situation.

Module 1: Your Brain Can Be Hazardous to Your Wealth
Module 2: The Investment Industry Unvarnished
Module 3: How to Decide Whether to DIY or Hire
Module 4: How to Build Your Own Portfolio
Module 5: How to Hire an Advisor

Praise for
Transparent Investing:
The Course

"This course gave me the confidence to keep going!"

“I enjoyed taking the Transparent Investing online course. Although I would consider myself highly knowledgeable in this area, I still question whether I can handle my own investments. The course gave me the confidence to keep going at it alone! “

— Julius Prezelski, Mount St. Joseph H. S.
(Personal Finance Teacher)

“This course is a great way to understand the nuts and bolts of investing for your future self and make wise choices that will help you prepare for the future. Patrick is genuine and gives advice that will steer you to financial happiness. Take the four hours to watch, learn, and forge a better life!”

Jody Sandru, Teacher

"Great way to understand the nuts and bolts of investing"

"If you are new to investing and want to know what NOT to do, take this course!"

“If you are new to investing and want to know what NOT to do, take this course. There will be lots of salespeople in the financial industry sector praying that you DO NOT learn this material.”

Patrick Kubeny, Business Education Teacher

Transparent Investing: The Course
is for you if you’re…

Wary of the investment world

You don’t fully trust the investment industry but aren’t quite sure how to approach the challenge of managing your money.

Looking to hire an investment advisor

You are inclined to hire someone to handle your portfolio for you, but you want to be an informed consumer and know what questions to ask.

New to investing

You’re just getting started and want to learn how the whole thing works.

A do-it-yourself investor seeking guidance and information

You already manage your own portfolio or think that’s the right fit for you, but you want to know more about the best way to invest.

Intimidated by the thought of investing

You realize you need to figure out whether to do this yourself or hire someone, but you don’t know where to start, and you suspect that you’re in danger of getting sold a lot of things that may or may not be right for you.

Fascinated by how the brain works when investing

You are intrigued by the practical implications of all the recent progress in understanding how the human brain operates when it comes to investing.

Transparent Investing: The Course
is NOT for you if you’re…

A confident active trader

You actively trade your own account yet are constantly looking for tips and insights for how to do better. This course will disappoint you since it offers no insights on how to beat the market.

A content client of an active advisor

You have hired an advisor who has placed you in active strategies, and as far as you’re concerned, they’re doing great for you. The only benefit for you from this course? You might learn something about how to measure their success on your behalf.

A satisfied indexed Do-It-Yourself investor

You already understand the right balance between risky and safer assets, and you own only index funds for stocks. Unless you have a more complicated situation, you’re already practicing what the course preaches.

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All net proceeds from sale of the course will be donated to support financial education
at the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America