A No-Nonsense Guide To Simple, Data-Proven Investing

The investment industry wants you to believe in stock market wizards who can predict the future and make a killing. But there’s a simpler way to invest that offers better returns and less stress—no crystal ball needed.

We all know from experience that rational thoughts often lose out to primal cravings: if someone handed you a plate of chocolate cake and a plate of broccoli right now, which would you instinctively reach for?

Transparent Investing is here to pull back the curtain on the investment industry to show you just how unhealthy the investment advisors’ chocolate cake is for you and why you want it so badly. But that’s not all. You’ll also learn the ins and outs of broccoli investment practices a.k.a. simple, data-proven strategies that’ll keep your money healthy long-term.

You’ll learn how to set it, forget it and go garden while your money grows.

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What People Are Saying...

“On reading it, the fear and anxiety I had around investing miraculously lifted.”

“This book is transformative. On reading it, the fear and anxiety I had around investing miraculously lifted. What I had previously found complex, intimidating, and daunting (well, terrifying) became, with Patrick’s help, something simple, clear, and easy to understand—and easy to execute. Transparent Investing is a radical act of demystification and as a result, I feel empowered—not only as an investor, but in all other areas of life, too. Profound.”

Farley Ziegler, BAFTA-nominated film producer, Tim’s Vermeer

“Before you make another investment decision, you need to read this book! Transparent Investing deftly distills decades of investment knowledge by synthesizing the key lessons of indexing and behavioral finance. Geddes outlines a solid foundation for developing a successful investment strategy and avoiding the many mistakes that have tripped up countless investors in the past. I wish I’d read this thirty years ago—it would have saved me a lot of grief!”

James Picerno, Editor of CapitalSpectator.com and author of Dynamic Asset Allocation

“I wish I’d read this thirty years ago—it would have saved me a lot of grief!”

“...makes the whole process more accessible and realistic for new investors.”

“Patrick Geddes’ mission to encourage transparency in the investment industry is both timely and inspiring. With this book, he not only helps explain how the investing game is played for experienced investors but also makes the whole process more accessible and realistic for new investors. Patrick’s insightful work and practical prose help investors and advisors alike step into a new generation of empowered investing.”

Catherine Berman, Co-founder and CEO of CNote

“The genius of simple investing with a few good index funds must be repeated over and over again because lies are constantly being told about it. Patrick does an exceptional job delivering this message in Transparent Investing. I highly recommend adding his book to your library.”

Richard Ferri, author of The Bogleheads’ Guide to Retirement Planning and The Power of Passive Investing

“The genius of simple investing with a few good index funds must be repeated over and over.”

“Makes challenging financial concepts easier to grasp.”

“Patrick Geddes’ insider perspective provides an effective blueprint for DIY investors or those looking for financial advice. His frequent use of analogies makes challenging financial concepts easier to grasp for new and experienced investors alike. An amazing gift for generations of investors to come.”

Tim Ranzetta, Co-founder, Next Gen Personal Finance

Transparent Investing is for you if you’re…

Wary of the investment world

You don’t fully trust the investment industry but aren’t quite sure how to approach the challenge of managing your money.

Looking to hire an investment advisor

You are inclined to hire someone to handle your portfolio for you, but you want to be an informed consumer and know what questions to ask.

New to investing

You’re just getting started and want to learn how the whole thing works.

A do-it-yourself investor seeking guidance and information

You already manage your own portfolio or think that’s the right fit for you, but you want to know more about the best way to invest.

Intimidated by the thought of investing

You realize you need to figure out whether to do this yourself or hire someone, but you don’t know where to start, and you suspect that you’re in danger of getting sold a lot of things that may or may not be right for you.

Fascinated by how the brain works when investing

You are intrigued by the practical implications of all the recent progress in understanding how the human brain operates when it comes to investing.

Transparent Investing is NOT for you if you’re…

A confident active trader

You actively trade your own account yet are constantly looking for tips and insights for how to do better. This book will disappoint you since it offers no insights on how to beat the market.

A content client of an active advisor

You have hired an advisor who has placed you in active strategies, and as far as you’re concerned, they’re doing great for you. The only benefit for you from this book? You might learn something about how to measure their success on your behalf.

A satisfied indexed Do-It-Yourself investor

You already understand the right balance between risky and safer assets, and you own only index funds for stocks. Unless you have a more complicated situation, you’re already practicing what the book preaches.

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